There’s An Art to Cleaning Your Dentures

Denture Patient Biting AppleCleaning your dentures properly requires gentleness and careful attention. When you do everything right, your dentures can last years — even longer than your dentist told you they would last. But making mistakes can quickly damage your dentures beyond repair. Keeping odors at bay and avoiding gum irritation, mouth sores, infections and cosmetic damage starts with getting rid of food and debris. To do this, remember to rinse dentures in warm water after eating. This is the first step toward complete oral health when wearing dentures. The next step in cleaning is to brush daily and use a denture soak. A soft brush made of nylon and a mild denture toothpaste may be necessary to get all surfaces clean. Soaking is recommended for about 30 minutes a day or longer, depending on the instructions on the cleaner. This helps in preventing odors and eliminating bacteria that can cause pitting. Good denture cleaner also removes deep stains. Remember to thoroughly rinse off the cleaner with water before putting the dentures back in your mouth. When cleaning or handling your dentures, it’s important to take some precautions. Make sure you don’t drop them on a hard surface since this will almost certainly cause breakage. It’s best to work over a towel or a filled sink. You also need to avoid soaking your dentures in very hot or boiling water. This is too harsh for most dentures and will cause them to warp and no longer fit will. You want to make sure your dentures don’t dry out either because this can also cause warping and other damage. Hard toothbrushes and dental instruments can also damage dentures. Turn to a soft toothbrush for routine cleaning and leave the complicated removal of plaque and other hard buildups to a dentist or dental technician. When you keep these cleaning and handling tips in mind, you and your dentures can live together comfortably for many years. To read about some of the pitfalls to avoid with dentures, see

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