Live Botox training coming to Houston

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One of the greatest challenges of learning anything new is that there is never the opportunity to really ask questions, especially if you are watching something online, or sitting right at the back of an auditorium. The teacher or lecturer asks for questions, you stick up your hand, and then somehow everything moves on and you never get your answer. That is the opposite to how Dr Howard Katz works which is why his live Botox training courses have proved to be so popular – and there’s one coming to you very soon.

The next location of his Live Event training will be in Houston, a large area that will draw hundreds, if not thousands of people, but there aren’t that many tickets available because Dr Howard Katz believes in the art of the small group. His teaching will be centred over those select few who have bought tickets, giving him the chance to work one on one with individuals, take questions, and let the room guide the training just as much as he does.

This is a truly interactive event, with the chance to work on live patients then and there. This means that you can not only put into practice what you have learned almost immediately, but also ask for help, guidance, and support from Dr Howard Katz as soon as you put a needle to a patient. This is astoundingly useful, and really cements the learning in the mind so that when you go home and work on your patients, you can feel confident that you are doing the right thing.

Houston residents will have the chance to take this course on May 6th, which is a Saturday, so make sure that you book your ticket before they all sell out!

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