San Diego Gentle Dental Methodology

Dr. Vinograd has been working to perfect his San Diego based, gentle dental techniques with the goal of eliminating discomfort for all of his patients.  The following principles are key to his San Diego Gentle Methodology:
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  1. San Diego Gentle dentistry starts with diagnostics.  Using a handheld laser, Dr. Vinograd is able to determine whether a filling is actually necessary.  Unnecessary fillings equal unnecessary discomfort.  Laser diagnostics also allows detection of early stages of decay so they can be treated before they evolve into cavities.  Treating problems early is always easier than allowing them to progress.  This is especially important with the widespread use of fluoride.  Fluoride is effective at hardening the enamel, but decay can still occur in the dentin, the softer layer below the enamel.  X-rays cannot detect decay under the enamel until it has affected a significant portion of the tooth.  Lasers can detect this decay while it is still small.
  2. Dr. Vinograd uses state of the art technology to blast decay with compressed air.  In many cases, especially minor decay, microabrasion can completely replace drilling.  Micro abrasion is gentle, non-invasive and can often be used without anaesthetic.  No drilling means no heat or sound and less damage to surrounding healthy tissue.  Less damage to healthy tooth means less chance of cracking and less chance of the restoration failing.
  3. When a procedure does require anaesthetic, Dr. Vinograd uses two types of pain reliever to ensure the patient is comfortable.  First is a topical painkiller, followed by a pH neutral numbing agent.
  4. The pain from drilling typically comes from heat generated by the high speed of common dental drills.  Dr. Vinograd uses a drill that runs at about a tenth the speed of other dental drills, 15,000 to 30,000 rpms vs 150,000 to 200,000 rpms, meaning less heat and less pain.
  5. Perhaps the most important element of Dr. Vinograd’s San Diego gentle dental methods involves complete patient control.  If the patient feels the need to stop a procedure for any reason, they simply raise a hand and Dr. Vinograd will stop until the patient is ready to go on.  Loss of control can translate into higher sensitivity to pain, greater tension and more fear.  Simply putting control back into the hands of the patient can go a long way toward helping the patient to relax and experience less pain and fear.

With these five principles, there is no reason to experience pain or fear during dental procedures.  A quick internet search will reveal thousands of happy patients that have been able to overcome their fear of the dentist as a result of San Diego gentle dentistry.

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