Local Business Spotlight: Valente Hair & Co


Affordable luxury is the essence of Valente Hair Co. and the backbone that drives clientele to the salon.The idea of affordable luxury was derived from CEO and Founder of Valente Hair Co., Laura Valente, who is a firm believer in providing luxury for everyone with the ‘Excellente Valente Experience’. Offering this experience is what Valente Hair Co. strives to achieve in all of their efforts; from high-quality services available at the salon to hair care, hot tools, and hair extensions available for use in the comfort of one’s own home; Valente ensures uncompromising results from all of their products and services.

Product Line

Valente Hair & Co. is expanding with a brand new line of luxurious products, including the Lusso Straightener, Valente Luxury Extensions, and Valente Hair Care. Valente will be offering education on Valente Luxury Extensions, in regards to application and handling, to future professional and licensed cosmetologists. Visit Valente’s Luxury Extensions website for more details on these classes at www.valenteextensions.com or follow the product line on Instagram @ValenteExtensions.

  1. Lusso Hair Straightener with essential oil infusion is the world’s most luxurious straightener. The six essential oils work in conjunction with the iron’s technology to keep hair straight for longer periods of time and promotes healthy hair.
  2. Valente Luxury Extensions, a premium hair extension line. This newest addition to the Valente Hair Company utilizes 100% Remy Human Hair Luxury Extensions, available in a variety of colors, lengths and styles to meet the various needs of their clients.
  3. Valente Hair Care includes paraben and sulfate free shampoo, conditioner and gloss acceptable for use on Valente Luxury Hair Extensions. These products solve the challenge of dull or dry extensions by providing UVA and UVB hair protection, which aides in the prevention of faded coloring due to sunlight and frequent washing. The products also serve to keep extensions brilliant and offer long lasting shine. In addition to these products, Valente also has hair brushes and combs ideal for use with Valente Luxury Extensions.

Valente Hair Co. Salon

Valente Hair Co. is very involved in stylist education and will on occasion, host outside educators within the salon. Providing education for the stylists ensures Valente is consistently offering the highest quality of service to their clients, as well as staying up to date on the most current trends and methods used to transform their clients’ hair. Valente is also a premier bridal salon, offering luxury services to the bride and her party. For inquiries on the salon, visit www.valentehair.com or follow the salon on Instagram @ValenteHairCo.

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