Describing sliding doors

Sliding Glass DoorSliding doors can be used in many places throughout your home due to the fact they take up very little space. They are great as interior doors for partitions or helping to hide that last load of laundry. They are also very functional as exterior doors allowing for an open feeling from one space to the next. Here are just a few options when it comes to adding sliding doors to your design.

Sliding barn doors: Barn doors are very popular right now and it is easy to see why. Not only do these doors bring a touch of rustic design to your home but they also can serve a very functional purpose. With an easy mounting system, you can add a sliding barn door almost anywhere in your home that the space is available. This is a great way to separate a guest bedroom that is rarely used or a formal dining area that needs some privacy from time to time. Also, not all barn doors have to be rustic and unfinished. Another great idea is to paint the door white and accentuate with matte black hardware. This is much cleaner look while achieving the same goal.

Sliding glass doors: The true goal of an outdoor oasis is to bring the outdoors inside your home. And what better way to achieve this than by sliding glass doors. The full panel glass will not obstruct any view you have from within your house while also bringing in tons of natural light. Using sliding glass doors will make your view and exterior space the focal point and truly bring both areas together as one. Depending on the amount of space you have, you can choose a wider door or a multi panel sliding door to have a very large opening between your indoor and outdoor space.

Sliding closet doors: Using bi-hinge doors as closet doors is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Using a tradition hinge door is a much better look but is not very practical. Replacing those doors with sliding doors will update your home while also increasing the amount of space in the bedrooms in your home. Add a floor length mirror to your existing, or new sliding closet door and you have a multifunctional door your guests will love.

Sliding office doors: When it comes to an office, I prefer for the door to be more of an option. Installing double sliding pocket doors as compared to double French doors that hinge open allow you to create a welcoming feeling in your office space. For more personal times, close the pocket doors. If you want to make these doors more of a statement piece rather than simply two solid doors, opt for a door with a glass design throughout. Choose a style that matches your home to create a flow throughout your house.

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